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Ender Series PLA Filament 2KG ( 5 colors available )

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The Best Filament for Creality 3D Printers

Looking for the best filament for your Creality Ender 3, CR-10, or similar printer, or not sure what kind of filament you should be using?
Besides the 3D printer itself, the plastic filament you use is one of the biggest factors in determining how successful your prints will be. The best filament will print reliably and provide a smooth, consistent finish. All current Creality 3D printers use 1.75mm filament

(1) High strength, good toughness;
(2) Density is small, when printing larger volume model lighter, save money;
(3) Cost-effective can be processed in a wide range of temperature;
(4) Diameter of 1.75mm ,variations + /-0.1mm,roundness +/-0.05mm;
(5)1 kg /plastic spool packaging;
(6) No Bubble
(7)Colors: White/Black/Blue/Gray/Red

Notification: The black&white Filament package has been sold out in the UK warehouse. Users who choose to ship from the UK warehouse need to wait until nextweek to start arranging shipments.

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Ender Series PLA Filament 2KG ( 5 colors available )
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