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Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer

Creality Ender 3 V3 SE 3D printer in stock. Free shipping from the UK.  Get it now!



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Ender-3 V3 SEEnder-3 V3 SE + 2KG PLAEnder-3 V3 SE + 4KG PLA

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Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer
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Creality Ender 3 V3 SE 3D printer main features

The Creality Ender 3 V3 SE has popped up as an alternative to the Ender-3 V2 series by featuring a maximum print speed of 250 mm/s and an“optimized” UI that shows auto-leveling progress and printing parameters.  

The latest brainchild of Creality sports a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm, auto-leveling, a direct-drive extruder, a dual Z-axis, dual linear Y-axis shafts, and automatic filament loading and unloading.

  • 250mm/s Max Printing Speed
  • Auto Leveling
  • 0.1mm Printing Accuracy
  • Resume Printing
  • 32-bit Silent Mainboard
  • 220*220*250mm  


Faster Printing Speed

Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D printer can print as fast as 250mm/s while keeping the print quality.

Auto Leveling

CR Touch for auto leveling and strain sensor for auto Z offset. Easy to get a perfect first layer.

Capable "Sprite" Direct Extruder

With direct extrusion, Creality Ender-3 V3 SE can print with various filaments smoothly, including the flexible TPU.

Y-axis Dual Linear Shafts

Wear-resistant linear shafts at the Y-axis ensure the steady and accurate motion of the build platform.

Intuitive UI Display

Optimized UI displays auto-leveling process and printing parameters at a glance.

Stable Dual Z-axis

Dual Z-axis synced by a quality timing belt, ensuring high print quality.

Auto Filament Loading / Unloading

One tap to load the filament, and one tap to unload it. Handy for filament replacement.

Compact and Sleek Design

Smaller to place around, but Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D printer still offers an ample build volume of 220*220*250mm.




General Brand: Creality
Type: 3D Printer
Model: Ender-3 V3 SE
Colour: Black
Specification Build Volume: 220*220*250mm
Printing Technology: FDM
Typical Printing Speed: 180mm/s
Acceleration: 2500mm/s²
Max. Printing Speed: 250mm/s
Printing Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Extruder Type: "Sprite" Direct Extruder
Build Surface: PC Spring Steel
Heatbed Temperature: ≤100°C
Display Screen: 3.2'' Color Knob Screen
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Layer Height: 0.1-0.35mm
Leveling Mode: Auto Leveling
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260°C
Mainboard Type: 32-bit Silent Mainboard
Power Loss Recovery: Yes
Extruder Count: 1
Rated Power: 350W
Supported Filaments: PLA, PETG, TPU(95A)
Slicing Software: Creality Print, Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
Rated Voltage: 100-120V, 60Hz
File Transfer: SD Card, USB-C Cable
File Formats for Slicing: STL, OBJ, AMF
UI Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Spanish, 
Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
Weight & Size Product Weight: 6.5kg
Package Weight: 7.1kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 365*345*458mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 565*385*195mm
Package Contents 1 x 3D Printer
1 x User Manual






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First time 3D printing. Purchased to make parts for amateur radio and have been astounded how easy this thing was to set up and get going. Using 3D Builder & Ultimaker Cura I never knew my knowledge of 3D printing would advance so quickly. Nearing 60 years old I thought this 3D printing malarkey was for the youngsters but nay, move aside kiddies.....

Upgraded from original Ender 3 to the Ender 3 v3 SE was initially good, setup, bed levelling and printing so straight forward and initially I was very happy with my purchase. Didn’t have much opportunity to test the printer as I’ve been away but printed two models perfectly and then 3rd failed at 75% which I’d assumed was due to my model. Attempted to reprint and nothing was happening after further testing bed levelling, Extrude & print functions all failing and it appears the homing feature has failed which is a big disappointment and the reason for 3 stars. Let’s see how customer services responds to the issue, hopefully no long email discussions as they are China time zone, in an ideal world it’ll be a swift swap out ASP,
Craig Nicholson
Worked perfectly from second one except I killed the SD card slot but Creality swapped the board straight away. I've added 'upgrades' for convenience and reliability (not that I expect anything would have failed) and have run 4Kg through the machine in around a week. It's been pretty much printing non stop every day and each night. I'm not sure how I will afford all the filament I now need to keep this thing running....
I love the printer, brought it a week ago. Out of the box the base was un level front left was not the same height. Once it was built, I recommend watching a video instruction. I've printed a fair few now, a few issues like bad layer lines. Overall though I am pretty happy with it. Takes patience to get it right but great when you do.
Tony Irvine
Excellent machine all round. I have my printers running 24/7 and never had any major issues, just one wee issue which I would class as new machine teething. The issue was to do with the bowden tube a simple snip and hey presto machine working to the max again. The build quality of these printers is next to none, the hotplates seem fairly flat. Creality are the way to go if your looking an amazing printer for cheap price.
This printer was easily assembled,all tools and parts were present. Great quality materials. Just using it for a hobby.
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