Buy Halot-One(CL-60) Get 2 Curable Resin For Free

Buy Halot One(CL-60) 3D Printer and get 2 bottles of Standard resin(500ML) for free.

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  • Halot-One (CL-60)
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Creality 3D Printer Wholesale & Resell

As one of the expert 3D Printer Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, Creality just sells 3d printer items like Creality HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer with high caliber.

It is just conveyed after being profoundly tried and reviewed by Creality IQC(Quality Control Inspector).

Our quality control groups keep our stockroom reliably new while keeping up the biggest in-stock determination of discount 3d printers.

Creality HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer has procured such a triumph since it's delivered, as its excellent and worthy cost for novices.

The self-developed integral light source, High precision:

The self-developed optical system of the new generation adopts the light principle of reflection + refraction to make the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform, and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy.

Integral light source:

The light will be projected evenly on the printing screen through the principle of refraction and reflection of light to achieve high-precision and uniform printing.

The high-performance mainboard and Big data image processing capabilities:

The self-developed mainboard of a new generation boasts the main control chip equipped with the ARMCortex™-M4 pro-cessor to embrace a strong computing capability and data processing capability, realize leapfrog upgrade, and greatly reduce the power consumption.

OTA online upgrade:

Supports OTA online upgrade and continuously introduces new features to quickly improve the user experience.

Product Parameters

Machine size: 221*221*404mm

Print size: 127*80*160mm

Engine noise: < 60dB

Auto-leveling: Easy manual leveling

Machine Weight: 7.1kg

Package Weight: 8.8kg

Input voltage: 100-240V

Power Output: 24V, 1.3A

Package size: 295*295*545mm

Power supply: 100W

XY-axis precision: 0.01-0.05mm

UI style: Creality UI Style

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Stephen Grinyer2022-05-11 10:33:16 VERIFIED
Question: What size are the included bottles of resin? 500g or 1Kg?

Answer: 500ml per bottle.

Buy Halot-One(CL-60) Get 2 Curable Resin For Free
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