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Home Collections CR-10 Smart 3D Printer | 300*300*400mm
UK Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer
Creality CR 10 Smart 3D Printer UK, Creality 3D Printer UK
Creality CR 10 Smart 3D Printer UK, Creality 3D Printer UK
Creality CR 10 Smart 3D Printer UK, Creality 3D Printer UK
Creality CR 10 Smart 3D Printer UK, Creality 3D Printer UK
UK Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer-1

CR-10 Smart 3D Printer | 300*300*400mm



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CR 10Smart

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CR-10 Smart 3D Printer | 300*300*400mm
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Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer

Creality new FDM 3d printer-CR-10 Smart is coming, which will give you an innovative experience of 3d printing.

Creality new FDM 3d printer-CR-10 Smart 7 Main features:

  • Built-in WIFI function: Remote control printing anytime, anywhere;
  • A Bit More Intelligence
  • Ultra-silent Design: 32 Bit Mute Board and Mute Fan Design;
  • Intelligent Auto-leveling: V2.0 Auto leveling way, is the same with CR-6 SE.
  • Screen Protection & Auto-shutdown;.
  • Safe and worry-free save energy and power.
  • 6-steps to assemble 8 minutes to complete, easy to assemble.

Product Parameters

Print Tech.: FDM

Print Size: 300*300*400mm

Product Size: 578*522*648mm

Package Size: 660*575*290mm

Product Net Weight: 14KG

Package Gross Weight: 17.3KG

Slicing Software: Creality/Cura

Printing Precision: ±0.1mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Nozzle Qty: 1

Hot Bed Temp: ≤100℃

Nozzle Temp: ≤260℃

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Paul Wills
Initially my frustration with levelling was reported by many others on social media however I persevered and with the eventual help from support I have a machine that is providing prints that have exceeded my quality expectations. I did lose patience but the eventual fixes were quite obvious and very easy to understand. I do use premium filament but however good filaments are its pointless if the machine is not set up correctly. The bed adhesion and first layer is perfect and there is no noticeable thickness to the first layer from any point on the bed. When the print is finished allow the machine bed to cool down and the finished print just lifts off. I am probably guilty of reading too many online complaints and possibly being drawn into some vocal disapproval and for that I apologise. In the many years of owning various brands of machine the CR10 smart is firmly at the top of my current printer inventory and even beats my old faithful BQ Witbox. I have disconnected the Creality cloud in favour of Octoprint and now feel I have possibly the best product I have used. Just hope I am not tempting fate by being so positive.
Peter Shaw
The CR-10 Smart has never given me any issues since I received it...In fact it's made my Ender 3 Max & Ender 3 v2 a bit on the redunded side. Set up is easy, print quality superb, and I've had mine running 24/7 for just over a month

Jeff Jenkins
Capable of great prints, absolutely simple to set up. There are some Quality control issues (my bed is warped but they are replacing it) and a few nuts and bolts were loose and one cable had come adfrift which took a while to track down. The firmware as shipped is quite limited (no stepper motor calibration for instance) but they are working on this and a recent beta release has added this and PID tuning. There have been some issues with the abl but again Creality are workign on this. Overall I am pleased with the printer. Yes, it's had teething problems but it is a very new model with some leading edge features. I do think the lack of any manual bed levelling is a design flaw though, hopefully they will fix this in future versions.
Karl Fenton
CR10 Smart So I have had the CR10 smart now for just under 3 weeks and I have to say that I'm really impressed with it. It is very easy to assemble maybe not the 8 minutes as stated but its pretty close. It is very sturdy once assembled, the display is nice and simple to understand and operate. The AUX level is simple once you get the hang of it and the the ABL is straight forward. I can see why users of the CR6 SE and Max enjoyed printing with theirs with this set up. The quality of the prints are great and I have had very little failures but I put that down to user error as I was going to fast for the print. The glass bed is good but I usually turn it over as I like the really smooth finish. swapped bed over for creality pei and I'm very happy with it. only downside I can find reallyiq the z axis compensation is only adjustable at 0.05mm unlike my CR-200B that adjust at 0.01mm which I think is better as it gives you that slight better adjustments to get better first layer. This should be an easy fix with a firmware update, also maybe ability to turn the touchscreen noise off too . overall I super happy with it and will be looking at purchasing one again soon.

Brown k
This printer is fantastic. I have made amazing prints right out of the box. The size is perfect and I couldn't be more happy with it.

Everything needed came in the box as expected. We did end up needing to flip the print bed over, as there was a slight warp to it (which is nice evidentially fairly common). We’ve been running this with Hatchbox PLA with very few issues since locking down our slicer settings. Glue sticks are our new best friends as well.
Paul McDermott
Q when is it available to order?
A Hi the second batch pre-order will be available from Mid-June. And it is shipping-free and tax-free to the United Kingdom. Normally it will take 4-6 working days to reach you after the shipment arranged.
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