Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver CV-30

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Creality Laser Cutting Machine: CR-Laser Falcon Engraver Introduction


High Precise Engraving and Cutting

The Laser Falcon take into account both engraving and cutting performance by adopting the poly-lens spot compressed laser technology, achieving both precision up to 0.1 mm. The spot size was compressed to 0.12*0.06 mm from 0.32*0.14 mm. In this case, the engraving accuracy and engraving speed are increased by more than 6 times. The works are finer, with less burr, flanging.It also has extraordinary cutting ability. It can cut basswood veneer of 4-5 mm, two times thicker than the original 2 mm. 

creality cr laser falcon engraver

2. Easy to Use - One Button Control
CR-Laser Falcon gets rid of the trouble of many controlling buttons. The glowing button not only can control the engraving or cutting process, but also can show us the working state of the machine, which enables us to identify the working mode.

creality cr laser falcon engraver

 3. Quick and Accurate Starting Point Location  
Continuous blue light emissions from the laser head will preview the engraving or cutting area. It is convenient for you to determine whether the position is your desired engraving area. If not, you can make an adjustment. For batch engraving, you can use the auxiliary grid plate for the same working area confirmation.

creality cr laser falcon


Product Features

  •  Up to 0.1 mm High Precision
  •  Quick Focusing
  •  Quick and Accurate Starting Point Location
  •  Protective to Users' Health
  •  Create Artwork on Multiple Materials



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Gareth2022-07-19 04:15:39 VERIFIED
Question: When will the 10w version be available in the UK and will there be an upgrade option to convert the 5w to a 10w by changing the laser module or would it need a different control board and power supply

Answer: The 10W version will be in stock in August.

Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver CV-30
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